Introduction to the series of book reviews about metaverse


I’ll start a series of reviews of science-fiction books about games or broadly defined virtual reality from the introduction because I would like to explain its purpose and “methodology”.

Many writers recognized in the genre over the years have measured themselves more or less seriously with virtual space, later known as the Internet. I don’t know all of them, and some of those I knew I read so long ago that I can’t remember.

So, to refresh their excellent ideas, I will conduct research, read them and then review here for you as many books as possible referring to “virtual worlds” ie games, internet, VR, AR, XR.

So there will be William Gibson, Charles Stross, Orson Scott Card, Neal Stephenson, and Stanisław Lem. In a separate article, I will create a list of books, so that everyone can copy it quickly if anyone is looking for a similar adventure.

Refreshing my memory is not my goal for their own sake. I would like to create the largest possible knowledge base on virtual reality in this blog. Next to no-fiction literature, s-f novels are for me the best source of inspiration for reflection on this galloping technology, its beginnings, evolution, and future.

As I am focused on a specific niche, they will not be a traditional review. I will focus mainly on fragments about technology, methods of its application and implications for people and their real reality. I apologize in advance for spoilers. At the beginning of each review, I will put an appropriate warning for everyone who would not like me to spoil their fun 🙂

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